So tell me, my dear

Why I see her dancing there

Why her smouldering eyes still scorch my soul.

I feel her, I see her

The sun caught in her flowing hair

Is blazing in me, out of all control.

I am/was (not entirely certain on tense) smitten with this girl. I'm sorry, I'm not going to do anything about it, I'm just stating a fact. I'm/ I was (uncertainty still apparent) smitten.

Could possibly be a Goddess, with prayers and a holy sword which is actually a book. Not really sure.

Also, may have renounced her, and thus am going to Hell. Also not really sure.

Jesus + Sophia = 1, apparently

Mystery girl of shadows indeed.


My God, Matthew is a genius. 

  • If he hadn't gone out with Elly
  • Then I wouldn't have gone to Elly's party
  • So I wouldn't have met Sophia
  • And I wouldn't have fallen for her
  • And I wouldn't have been weaned off her by time and distance
  • And I wouldn't be feeling so much better about relationships

Jesus Christ, the man can plan like the bastard son of Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz

And then he went and got me hooked on Alex instead. What The Fuck!?